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ZooMontana announces the birth of a wolverine kit

Ahmari, one of ZooMontana’s two wolverines, gave birth to a female kit on February 6, 2024
Posted at 2:46 PM, Mar 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-05 16:49:07-05

BILLINGS — Ahmari, one of ZooMontana’s two wolverines, gave birth to a female kit on February 6, 2024 - the third wolverine to be born at ZooMontana.

ZooMontana said in a news releast that the kit was heard by animal caregivers, and later found nursing in a den in the wolverine night house.

The baby is rather large, and is being well cared for by mom.

As he was last year when two wolverines were born, father Sid is "interested," but is being kept at a distance by Ahmari, according to the news release.

More than just cute, ZooMontana's wolverine kits a conservation win for species

Ahmari and Sid, both born in 2016, came to ZooMontana from Finland and Sweden, respectively, and are part of a European breeding program targeting conservation called the Species Survival Program.

Lead caregiver Melissa Roman is thrilled with the birth: “It is extremely exciting to have kits 2 years in a row. As one of the few U.S zoological parks that have been successful with Wolverine births this year, we’re pretty proud of Ahmari.”

Wolverine kits are born completely white and blind, and weigh less than one pound. They will wean within 10 weeks, developing rapidly and reaching adult size by the end of the year.

Wolverines are found in remote boreal forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Current estimates put the U.S. population at about 300 animals.

Known for their ferocity and strength in proportion to their size, wolverines are the largest member of the Mustelidae family, which includes otters, minks, and weasels.

Public viewing of the kit won't happen until mom is comfortable letting her baby venture beyond the den.

MARCH 2022- a father and daughter visiting Yellowstone National Park came across a wolverine:

Father and daughter spot elusive wolverine in Yellowstone National Park