Montana baker is ready for the 'Christmas Cookie Challenge' on Food Network

Sara Hemenway
Sara Hemenway
Posted at 11:28 AM, Dec 02, 2022

LOLO - The smell of sugar cookies fills Sara Hemenway’s cookie kitchen where delicious treats are made. Her stunning cookies at Frosting Cakery, which look almost too good to eat, landed her a spot on the Christmas Cookie Challenge on The Food Network.

“It was extremely overwhelming, but it was a lot of fun,” said Sara, who grew up in Great Falls and graduated from Great Falls High School in 2003.

A casting director for the show called and asked Sara if she wanted to do an interview.

One month later, she was filming and competing against four other bakers to win the title of Christmas Cookie Champion and $10,000.

Cookies made by Sara Hemenway

On the show, she had 90 minutes to mix, bake, and create the cookies the judges asked for.

Sara recalled, "It was such a crazy experience because not being in your space that you're normally in is really hard, and dealing with all this equipment you've never done. Obviously like I have a KitchenAid mixer, but their mixer was different than my mixer, so just not knowing where things are. It's absolutely chaos."

Sara’s had her hands in flour and sprinkles since she was 16. It was her love for baking that took her talents to the big stage, being one of the few to represent Montana in a show like this.

“I like them because it's such a like, condensed, or like, I can make a cookie as a whole scene," said Hemenway. "And I really like that aspect.”

Sara’s episode airs on the Food Network on Sunday, December 4, at 6pm MST.