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Montana’s First Congressional District candidates: Dennis Hayes

Posted at 9:10 AM, May 17, 2024

BOZEMAN — Continuing our look at candidates for Montana’s Western Congressional District, we meet a Bozeman man running on the Libertarian ticket. MTN's Kristin Merkel introduces us to Dennis Hayes.

“Because of all the corruption that's in this government and in the court system, the Forest Service, the BLM—there is too much corruption and too much stealing American taxpayers money.” — Dennis Hayes

Libertarian Congressional candidate Dennis Hayes from Tulsa, Oklahoma is running for a spot in Congress to investigate what he believes is corruption from several organizations and government entities.

“I'm going in to start investigating the Forest Service. I'm going to investigate the BLM. I want to investigate the court system, because I've been to court on this, and I've seen how corrupt the court systems are,” Hayes said. “And even with the illegals and stuff, this government is giving our money away to illegals and to different countries, and they don't have the right to do that.”

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Hayes says his campaign strategy is all word of mouth.

“Free publicity—I’m on Social Security, don't have any money. I've had people wanting me to run, so that's why I'm running. Because I'm a small minor, and I've been having problems with the Forest Service on their corruption and the corruption of the BLM.”

The primary election for the Congressional seat is on June 4.

The Libertarian ballot also has Ernie Noble listed as a candidate. MTN News was scheduled to interview him, but he did not show and has not returned our calls.

Election website Ballotpedia has him listed as unofficially withdrawn, but according to the Montana Secretary of State, he has not withdrawn through its office.