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House votes in favor of 4 bills intended to fight crime

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Posted at 11:02 AM, Sep 23, 2022

Democrats in the House of Representatives managed to pass four bills that together provide funding for police departments and other organizations.

The bills come less than two months before a midterm election when crime is considered a top issue among voters. A number of moderate Democrats have tried to shy away from claims that they are anti-police.

While together the bills would provide funding for local police departments, there is also funding for other programs, such as for mental health and community interventions. Those bills were meant as a compromise to draw support from the liberal wing of the party.

Of the four bills, the one with the most bipartisan support was the Invest to Protect Act of 2022. The bill would provide $60 million annually for the next five years for police departments with fewer than 125 employees. While the bill garnered the support of 153 Republicans, nine Democrats voted against it.

"it will ensure that local police departments across our country have what they need to recruit and retain the finest officers, to provide necessary training, and to invest in providing mental health resources for our officers,” said Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democratic sponsor of the bill. “The Invest to Protect Act was developed through many conversations with Republicans and Democrats in both chambers, and with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.”

Other measures largely passed by party lines.