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Kentucky students are building sheds for flood victims

jackson county sheds
Posted at 7:26 AM, Aug 26, 2022

MCKEE, Ky. — Students at the Jackson County Area Technology Center are learning why it’s so important to lend a helping hand.

They are helping to build sheds for people impacted by floods in Eastern Kentucky in their classes.

The idea came about after Marvin Wilder, a teacher at the school, was helping flood victims and came across a family living underneath a tarp.

“Everything had washed away. They didn't have anything,” Wilder said. “It was sad.”

Putting the devastation into context for his students, he explained that it could have happened to any of them, including him.

Everyone agreed that to help, they would make sure they build something for people to have a place to put their belongings the many people living in tents. They cannot call what they are building a home for legal reasons.

To donate, you can follow the link to donate.

Ricky Sayer at WLEX first reported this story.