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More states will require employers to list salaries

Posted at 8:28 AM, Aug 04, 2022

More employers are being required to include salary in their job postings. Colorado already does this, New York City will require it in November and Washington state's requirement starts in January.

"If I'm a job seeker, and I see an organization posting a salary range, I know what this organization values their employees, that it is there in black and white," said Lulu Seikaly, a senior corporate attorney with Payscale.

She said it's not that companies don't want job seekers to know salary information up-front, it's that getting it right takes work.

"We hear from our customers, 'Well, we don't know that we can compete with a Google or Amazon if we post our salary ranges' and what we tell them is, 'Well, do the work, do the work on the back end make sure that you're taking care of your folks internally,'" she said. "Then figure out what your budget allows in terms of how you're going to recruit the future of your company."

Seikaly said this kind of salary transparency benefits both employers and job seekers. Employers can attract top talent and candidates, especially women and people of color, know the value of the job.