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Mysterious lights in sky likely caused by SpaceX satellite launch, NWS says

Posted at 8:13 PM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 10:52:27-04

If you saw mysterious bright lights in the sky on Wednesday, you are not alone. No, it wasn't a UFO. According to the National Weather Service in Seattle, the lights were likely caused by a satellite launch.

The NWS said the lights looked to be associated with a SpaceX rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday.

According to SpaceX's website, the rocket was carrying 60 satellites for Space-X's Starlink Network.

According to our sister station KNXV, people in Arizona also saw the mysterious lights. Our station in Utah also reported seeing the mysterious lights.

(DECEMBER 25, 2019) We have received reports and several photos from people in northern Montana of strange lights in the sky. People in and around Browning, Rocky Boy, and Lodgepole shared photos with MTN News on Wednesday evening that show a row of bright lights in the sky, and people in other areas of Montana reported seeing them, too.

Based on similar reports in recent days in other media outlets and similarities in the photos, they are likely small satellites passing overhead that were launched recently by SpaceX.

The website has information about how you can track the movement of the satellites.