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Biden signs executive order to support women traveling to have an abortion

Joe Biden
Posted at 6:03 AM, Aug 03, 2022

For the second time since Roe v. Wade was overturned, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to expand access to abortions.

The executive order will direct Health and Human Services to provide assistance to women who need to travel to obtain an abortion. The order says Medicaid could be used to provide travel assistance for those who need to travel across state lines to get an abortion.

The order also directs Health and Human Services to ensure health care providers are complying with federal non-discrimination laws.

“These actions could include providing technical assistance for health care providers who may be confused or unsure of their obligations in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision,” the White House said.

Biden signed the order less than a day after voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejected a constitutional amendment that would no longer make abortions a right in the state.

"In a decisive victory, voters made it clear that politicians should not interfere with the fundamental rights of women," Biden said.

A recent analysis found seven states no longer have operational abortion clinics since the June decision to overturn abortion rights nationwide.