Obituary: Kenneth Lee Mathern

Posted: 1:48 PM, Feb 04, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-04 15:48:04-05

Ken was born November 13, 1953, in Cody, WY, the first born of four children. He moved with his family to Riverton, WY, as a little boy.

Even before he was old enough to drive, Ken was a businessman. Delivering papers, shoveling walks, and mowing lawns led to ever-greater endeavors and accomplishments.

From his first real job in a television repair shop, to a for-hire charter pilot, to securing future financial stability for his clients through D.A. Davidson, he poured himself into every job he ever held.

While an important part of his life, this is but one branch on the tree of his life story. The roots were set during a Wyoming blizzard in January, 1979. This is when he married Marilyn and they welcomed the first of five sons later that year.

It was this partnership with Marilyn to which he credited the successes in his life. Together, they navigated life’s challenges, including diagnosis of macular degeneration at a young age, which led to near blindness and an inability to drive at the age of forty.

He quickly came to terms with this and among our family, not a single time could be recalled when Ken complained of it. This is a constant thread throughout his life: when met with a challenge, he never failed to find a way to dig in and get moving. An eternal optimist, he set an example for his five sons that will carry through future generations.

Throughout his life, Ken was genuinely good to people. He believed in people’s inherent worth and untapped potential.

He had the gift of a golden voice and he used it to share his love of music with those around him. To hear him sing and play guitar was a treat – it was through this that the beauty he saw in the world around him was communicated to others.

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