Obituary: Bryan Hilbig

April 28, 1957 ~ July 8, 2022
The world lost a warrior on July 8, when Bryan Hilbig, passed away.
Posted at 10:56 AM, Jul 12, 2022

The world lost a warrior on July 8, when Bryan Hilbig, passed away. His sudden heart-attack shocked the family and friends who never knew him to slow down. At 65 years old he was still up and ready to put in a 10+ hour day at work for weeks at a time without a break. He would end his long days with a leg kicked up on the couch and beer in his hand. His wife and soulmate, Tina, would have a warm supper cooked for him and he would enjoy some tv while relaxing and eating. But, not to worry…if anyone ever needed him, he would put all of that down and jump up to help. He never passed up the opportunity to help fix a car, move something, change a tire, give someone a ride, or anything else.

He was a collector of all things and if you needed something it was almost guaranteed he would have one or two no matter how odd or rare. Of course, if there ever came a time when he didn’t have it, he would find it! He loved to stop in second-hand stores and shop for random things, but he was also an expert at dumpster digging.

His three children each gave him two grandchildren who he loved with all his heart. It was so much fun to see our tough, tanned, tattooed dad become a gentle giant while holding one of our babies. He was an amazing grandpa and papa to his grandchildren, and they loved spending time with him. Heaven, Bryan, Mark, Jack, Jade and Jacquelin will carry memories of him forever and share them with his great-grandchildren someday because his stories are so much fun.

He leaves behind so many friends and family and the loss of him will remain in our hearts forever. Many people knew him, but he was ours, he belonged to us: Tina (Boyken) Hilbig, Joshua Hilbig, Justus (Lori) Hilbig, Jessica (Patrick) Douglas. To read the complete obituary and share condolences, visit the Croxford Funeral Home website.