Obituary: Crickett Ghee Clayton

February 3, 1960 - July 21, 2021
Crickett Ghee Clayton
February 3, 1960 - July 21, 2021
Posted at 4:08 PM, Aug 04, 2021
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Crickett Ghee Clayton passed away on July 21, 2021, from complications associated with COVID-19. Born on February 3, 1960 to Frank F. Ghee, Jr., and Mary E. Ghee in San Antonio Texas, Crickett was the eldest of five children.

Crickett emitted transformative and unconditional love. It was tangible. It filled the space around her and weaved through everything she did. When she first met someone, she would say, “I’m a hugger” and would wrap them in a warm kindness that rekindled with every subsequent encounter. She made people feel loved because she truly and fiercely loved people. When she laughed she cried, when she prayed, she praised. Her happy place was with family in footie pajamas watching late night movies and creating memories with her loving husband of 31 years and her children. She felt tremendous joy when her family congregated for jam sessions, and no matter where she was, if there was a song in her heart she would lift her head, close her eyes, and sing.

Her love language was service. While working a full-time job as a client service coordinator she was also a full-time student getting her master’s in counseling, was leading her own counseling ministry, and was providing music at a new small church. Her goal was to become a state certified counselor so that she could better fulfill her unquenchable desire to help people. Those of us lucky enough to have known her know that she helped people in magnificent ways every single day.

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