Obituary: Eileen Torgerson

Eileen Torgerson, age 70, passed peacefully August 4, 2020
Posted at 1:46 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 15:46:18-04

Eileen Torgerson, age 70, passed peacefully August 4, 2020 after a 20-year battle with her nemesis, pancreatic cancer. Peace Hospice House provided care in her last days, with family at her side.

Eileen was born to Norman and Joyce Benjamin on Jan.29, 1950 in Conrad, MT. She was a confident, helpful little girl who proudly wore her red hair as a badge of courage. Her four siblings might have resisted her in charge manner from time to time, but FINALLY (eye roll) came to appreciate her wisdom and perspective of life. Not to say there wasn’t discussion from time to time.

Eileen spent her early years in the Devon and Shelby Public Schools, and her higher education at Eastern Montana College in Billings. She started her degree in motherhood with the birth of twin boys, Aron and Brion, who brought real meaning to the term, house apes, their energetic escapades brought lots of exciting moments and stories to share. Next to come along was Lin, her animal loving, tender hearted teddy bear. He was followed by Kärin, the girl to bring her joy and a companion to share the fine art of shopping.

Eileen became a respected realtor in Bozeman, and in studying architecture, built her dream home, a beautiful house overlooking Bozeman and the Spanish Peaks. This dream house would be sold to pay for her ongoing battle with cancer, but nothing would dim her faith and trust in God.

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