Obituary: Joseph “Joe” M. Elam

September 17, 1996 ~ April 27, 2023
Joseph Mitchell Elam
September 17, 1996 - April 27, 2023
Posted at 3:26 PM, May 02, 2023
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Joseph “Joe” M. Elam, 26, passed away at his home in Great Falls with his dog Sadie by his side on Thursday, April 27, 2023. Joe was born September 17, 1996, to Jason Elam and Gina Eli in Great Falls, Montana. He resided in his hometown for the next 26 years, attending CMR in his high school days where he graduated with his GED. He worked many years in the fast food industry and found his home in the Heritage Inn.

Joseph had a knack for all things nature. He enjoyed fishing, camping, shooting his guns, working with horses, traveling to new places, and various other outdoor activities. Joe was entranced by nature’s beauty, his favorite sites being sunsets and waterfalls.

Joe was also a fan of challenges. He would work for what felt like hours on his Rubik’s cube, trying to arrange the colors in their designated spaces. He enjoyed various other 3D puzzles and video games as well. Their complex nature fascinated him. When he wasn’t challenging his mind, he was working with his hands. He found great joy in cooking and baking for his friends and family. Sharing his kitchen creations was Joe’s way of showing love. He was also really good at crocheting and made wonderful pieces of work as often as he could. His artistic talent didn’t end there. He was an extremely well-versed drummer and could sing karaoke as if he were a professional.

Joe was a huge people person. He was there for any and everyone who needed. He was really good with kids, always making them laugh at his goofy nature. Joseph was well acquainted with the elderly as well. He would sit and listen to the stories of their youth and tell stories of his own for their entertainment. He enjoyed the game nights with his friends and spending time with his family. They would watch Steeler’s games and have Star Wars marathons together, both of whom Joe was a huge fan of.

He is survived by his dad, Jason Elam; his stepmom, Melanie Elam; his mom, Gina Eli; his sisters, Hannah McCain, Skyler Ortiz, and Brooke anc Christian Wetzel; his brothers, Mike Ortiz, and Robert Dormady; his uncles, Jason Eli, Josh Eli, and Justin Elam; his aunts, Brandy, Sandy, and Jen; and his grandparents, Mary Elam, Jim Eli, Sonja Meline, Carol Eli, and Roger Meline; and his mentor, Danny Dormady.

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