Obituary: Katherine Ann (Baker) Loague

July 27, 1956 ~ January 3, 2024
Katherine Ann (Baker) Loague
July 27, 1956 ~ January 3, 2024
Posted at 1:36 PM, Feb 02, 2024

Katherine Ann Loague, beloved mother, grandmother, and wife, passed away on January 3rd, 2024. Born on July 27th, 1956, in El Paso, Texas, Katherine was the first child of Mary and James Baker. In 1960, her family relocated to Sandy Hook, Missouri, where she grew up in rural Missouri alongside her younger brother, James, under the loving care of her paternal grandparents, Margie and Les.

Katherine's artistic talents knew no bounds, from sewing and embroidery to painting, floral arrangements, and photography. Her calligraphy was a work of art, and her penmanship was exquisite. She fearlessly explored woodworking, leather crafting, and beadwork, continually expanding her creative horizons, and sharing her beautiful creations with the world.

In 1975, she married Daniel Lovick, and together they welcomed four children into their loving family: Daniel, Eric, Kathryn, and Helena. During the 1980s, Katherine discovered her love for the vast landscapes of the western United States. She dreamed of living in their open spaces, and in 1990, she made the courageous decision to relocate her family to Sheridan, Wyoming. In 1993, she settled in Great Falls, Montana, the area where she spent the rest of her days.

In 1995, Katherine welcomed her fifth child, Megan, with her then-husband, James Rovere. She was a dedicated mother, tirelessly ensuring that all her children felt unconditional love and care. In 2002, Katherine met Keith Loague, her true love and partner. They celebrated their union in marriage in 2005 and made their home together in Ulm, Montana.

Her heart brimmed with pride and joy in the presence of her eight cherished grandchildren: Isabel, Emery, Michael, Lauren, Novella, Lucas, Nori, and Jing. She epitomized the perfect grandmother, engaging in art projects, playing games, crafting the best hamburger gravy, and creating unforgettable memories. Family was Katherine’s anchor, but she also achieved remarkable success. She started her own business, dedicated her time to volunteering at church, nurtured vibrant gardens, delighted in the art of cooking, and generously shared her artistic talents with the world.

She is survived by her husband Keith Loague, children Daniel Lovick (Phyllis Dorsch), Eric Lovick (Jessie), Kathryn McCarthy (Conor), Helena Lovick (Troy Lane), and Megan Brunelle (Brian), her eight grandchildren, brother James Baker and sister Vickie Behymer.

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