Obituary: Myra M. Sheldon Doherty Demopoulos (Eidel)

September 9, 1930 - September 10, 2021
Myra M. Sheldon Doherty Demopoulos (Eidel)
September 9, 1930 - September 10, 2021
Posted at 9:58 AM, Sep 20, 2021
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Myra Margaret Sheldon, the daughter of Mary Bubnash and Myron Sheldon entered this world on September 9,1930, in Great Falls. She left it 91 years and one day later, on September 10, 2021, in Billings. She was voted Student Body Secretary her senior year at Great Falls High in 1948 and was soon putting her office skills to work in Great Falls. Sadly, she never really had a chance to complete her formal education. However, she did meet a returning Navy pilot, Art Doherty. Although of very modest means, their wedding pictures show that her mom spared no effort in giving Myra a truly memorable westside wedding.

They then had a life. Art found work in Chester during the construction of Tiber dam. They lived there in a tiny, single wide trailer with a tar paper built on entrance. While there, they brought Mike into the family (the first baby born into the then new addition of the Chester hospital). Eventually, they moved back to Great Falls and established their family home, bringing Kathy, Tim, and Mary into the fold. Every one of her kids went to Our Lady of Lourdes school and whenever anything was needed at the parish, it was a given that Myra and Art would be the first ones to show up and the last ones to leave.

The strains of life eventually caused Art and Myra to divorce. She became a single mom for the younger kids and worked full time and eventually helped manage a food brokerage business. She re-met an old westside fella, Tom Demopoulos and a new adventure began when mom and Tom were married. On 7/7/77, her family was blended into the large, wonderful Greek Demopoulos family. Tom's railroad work took them to Minneapolis and Alliance, Nebraska. When Tom retired, they moved back to Great Falls. After Tom died in 1998, mom again showed her strength and resilience.

A few years later brought another adventure in her life, when she re-met an old high school classmate at a planning meeting for their 50th reunion, Mr. Phil Eidel. Pretty soon Myra and Phil, then in their 70's, were as they say, "an item." To start this new chapter of blending the Eidel family with Myra’s, they each sold their houses and built a gorgeous place on the banks of Belt Creek. This marvelous adventure ended with Phil's death in February 2020.

Family, faith, community, and caring for others moved and motivated her to the core. Having her kids, their friends and spouses, grandkids and then great grandkids all at the house for holidays was a treasured time. To read the complete obituary and share condolences, visit the Schnider Funeral Home website.