Obituary: Myron Sorenson

August 17, 1959 - December 29, 2020
Myron Sorenson
Posted at 10:49 AM, Apr 11, 2021
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It grieves us to announce the passing of our brother, Myron Sorenson, whom we lost in December of 2020. Myron was the second to the youngest of the brothers, in a family consisting of five boys and two girls. Anyone who knew Myron would agree he was the strong and sturdy type, with a build to match. Among the things Myron loved, he enjoyed classic rock and roll music by Bob Seger and Led Zeppelin, along with motorcycles and vintage sports cars. Most of all, Myron loved his family. Even while he lived out of state at times, he remained close to the family.

Myron was a hard worker with a strong desire to get the job done. His past professions included tree falling/trimming, auto mechanic, counter clerk, and bar bouncer. But by far his most interesting profession was when he worked on a seismograph crew for a petroleum company, where he traversed through remote mountainous regions to detonate dynamite and measure the seismic waves in search of potential oil. This was not a job for the faint of heart, but Myron did it and did it well.

Myron is survived by his two sons, Michael and Myron Jr., of whom he was very proud; his grandchildren; brothers, Scott, Monte, and Jerry; sister, Maria; and numerous beloved nephews, nieces, and cousins. To read the complete obituary and share condolences, visit the Schnider Funeral Home website.