Obituary: Shawn Lee O’Brien

July 1, 1970 - October 5, 2023
Shawn Lee O’Brien
July 1, 1970 - October 5, 2023
Posted at 6:41 PM, Oct 29, 2023

Shawn Lee O’Brien, 53, of Great Falls, passed away October 15, 2023 from injuries he sustained being hit by a car on October 5, 2023 in Ogden, Utah. Shawn was born July 1, 1970, in Butte, Montana.

He was an adventurous soul as soon as he was born. At an early age he was given a t-shirt that said Master of Disaster which in turn seemed to be his destiny throughout his life. His adventurous spirit led him on many adrenaline filled excursions. One of these excursions Shawn tied his little sister to a bicycle while she had roller skates on, as the two laughed soon his sister couldn’t keep up and she ended up with road rash. Another time a group of his friends decided to go sledding on some old mining hills, Shawn’s sister agreed to go first, and as she flew off the hill, she landed head first in the snow, and everyone including his sister laughed.

Shawn got his first pair of boxing gloves at age 9, and he soon fell in love with the sport joining golden gloves boxing. This soon became the neighborhood pastime as Shawn taught everyone how to box. He was always the leader of the pack finding fun things to do. He graduated high school in job corps along with getting his brick laying certification.

Shawn had a wide variety of jobs and each one he strived to be a hard worker. He had an infectious laugh that made everyone smile. Despite his heart being heavy on most days, he tried to be the best dad and grandfather he could, to all his kids and grandkids. He enjoyed drawing and most believe the eagle was his spirit animal.

Shawn is finally at peace no longer carrying the heavy burdens he endured most of his life. His spirit is now soaring like an eagle watching over all of us left behind.

Shawn is survived by his mother Debra Milliron, daughters Cheyenne Flynn, Shyleene Mullins, sons Steven Mondragon and Codie Mullins, sister Tana Purdy, granddaughters Adalyn, Cadee, Harper, and Hope, nephew David Purdy, niece Melissa Purdy, aunts Phylis Adams and Kim Tintinger, and his uncle Tim Baxter. He is preceded in death by his son Sean Flynn and his father Byron Milliron.

A celebration of life will be held Sunday November 12, 2023 at 11am at the Pit Stop in Black Eagle, MT. His favorite football team the Steelers will be playing so wear your best black and yellow.