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Big Sky Pageantry in Great Falls aims to instill confidence

Big Sky Pageantry new to Great Falls
Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-17 21:28:34-05

Great Falls resident Lisa Solorza wanted to make a positive impact on her community, so she brought pageantry here to Montana.

Solorza’s experience with pageantry began when her husband was stationed in Louisiana. She and her husband entered their daughter in her first pageant when she just one year old.

“Pageantry is more common in the south, so she started competing when I think she was just over a year old when we did our first one and believe it or not, she was terrible. She cried on stage [and] she got last place, but what I saw when I went was so much confidence from these little girls,” Solorza said. “I’m really trying to bring that positive pageantry to this state because it's not very common.”

Anyone is welcome to compete in these pageants at any age. Solorza said she’s had people from 6 months old to adults over 40 years old compete in her pageants.

One of the main reasons she started Big Sky Pageantry is to instill a level of confidence in the individuals who compete, regardless of their age. She believes it is never too early to work on your confidence and express who you are.

Big Sky Pageantry
Big Sky Pageantry

“[These pageants] are getting them ready and prepared for pageants and get them that confidence built up on stage, because that's a lot to go up in front. I would love to help build that confidence for the girls,” Solorza said. “We also focus a lot on community service and that's a big thing with pageantry is community service and what you're doing to help out your community.”

Big Sky Pageantry is built on giving back to the community who has supported them tremendously in just their short time of being here in Great Falls.

“We were brand new to this area, we've just been here a year, so I didn't know a whole lot of people. I just did a lot of advertising [and] passing out fliers and we ended up being able to donate almost $4000 to the Children Receiving Home, so that was a huge thing,” said Solorza.

Their next pageant is February 3rd - “Miss Sweetheart of The Falls.” There is a $40 deposit due at registration, which can be done by clicking here to visit their Facebook page.