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Dandelion Foundation receives donation from Carnivorium

Donation at Bravera Bank
Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 10:50:48-04

GREAT FALLS — Carnivorium Mobile Drive-Thru Restaurant and the Dandelion Foundation hosted a news conference at Bravera Bank on Monday, June 6th, to give an update on Carnivorium’s weekly “Day of Giving” program.

As part of its Community Connections partnership, Carnivorium donates a percentage of profits on certain days to select charities and non-profits in town. “We have an honor - we have a duty - to help our neighbors around us,” said Dave Snuggs, the owner of Carnivorium.

A non-profit that the mobile drive-through will donate to throughout the season is the Dandelion Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to fighting child abuse and ending domestic violence.

“All of the programs and resources we have, can cost a lot,” explained Katie Cunningham, the organization's president. “We wouldn’t exist without our donations because we have an unpaid board and it’s all volunteer. We raise fund for the programs that we run so, to partner with places like this is just amazing.”

The donations to the Dandelion Foundation will go a long way for the organization, and Dave encourages other restaurants to do the same for non-profits that positively affect the community. “Anyone can open a food truck, but what you do with those funds is what makes us unique is because we don’t have to do this, I get great joy from doing this.”

Carnivorium will also support other charities, including the Benefis Foundation, Industries Emergency Lodging Program, the Montana Hope Project, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and the Shodair Children’s Hospital in Helena.

You can help by supporting Carnivorium on the second Saturday of each month where 10% of the income goes toward a different charity of the month.

Dave predicts that they will end up providing donations to around 20 organizations, and hopes to raise more than $20,000 dollars this year.

Katie added, “It is a really cool thing and just to see the community come together in this is really profound for us to realize that we are making a difference, and people see our efforts, and I really do think we’re helping.”