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Father and son picking up trash in Browning

The two have collected dozens of bags of trash in their first five weeks
Tyson Bird and his father William Spotted Eagle
Rez Monkeys trash collection
Posted at 6:02 PM, May 12, 2023

BROWNING — As cars passed by on Highway 2 on a beautiful Friday morning, Tyson Bird and his father William Spotted Eagle busied themselves picking up trash just outside Browning.

"We started a mobile handyman business for the people here in Browning. Every Friday, we volunteer our time to give back to the community," Spotted Eagle said.

He continued, "We were driving around one day and we saw all these bags all over after the snow left and then we heard some elders in the store talking, so I said 'Well, let's try to get it cleaned up.'"

The work is not going unnoticed.

"A lot of people honk. A lot of people leave messages on our Facebook (page), leave kind messages. Had a few donations from a lot of people," said Spotted Eagle.

"It feels pretty good to go out every Friday and clean up all the garbage as much as we can. It feels good to give back to the community," Bird said. "I would estimate we've picked up, roughly, 50 to 100 bags of garbage."

Spotted Eagle said they get 18 to 20 bags of trash each time they go out.

"Just take pride in your land. You see the garbage around, pick it up. If everybody picks up a few pieces here and there, it will get clean. It doesn't take much effort. There's two of us now and the whole community's seen a difference," said Spotted Eagle.

They plan to continue their work through the summer.

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