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Game Night Lounge is helping Alliance For Youth

Billi Raining Bird
Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 10:46:24-05

GREAT FALLS — The Game Night Lounge made its home in the old Golden Coral building last year. It is a high-tech arcade full of virtual reality systems and game console sections. With options for dining, they offer new ways for families to eat together by playing board games while they wait for food.

Now, the lounge is preparing to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Floor manager Billi Raining Bird oversaw the planning of a celebration and thought the best way to do so would be to help the community.

“ I just thought, let’s do a fundraiser that celebrates us and also gives back to somebody else, you know?” she said.

And they found the perfect candidate in the Alliance For Youth. From the website:

Alliance for Youth, Inc. creates social change to advance healthy youth development within our communities through collaborative approaches to prevention, intervention and treatment.
  • A community working together can accomplish far more than any single group
  • Providing Youth resources and skill development opportunities improves their ability to make choices supporting their healthy development
  • Youth need assistance and support from their community choosing appropriate and legal activities

“I guess the services that they provide kind of hit home for everybody here. I see all of the real good things that they are doing, and I wanted to find some place that was providing necessary services to a core group of community members”

The Alliance For Youth loved the idea and immediately jumped on board.

“I didn’t even think they would respond, actually. So when they did, I was like, yay!”

The fundraiser will be held on Friday and Saturday (February 25/26). The entire Great Falls community is invited, and the admission fee is a donation of at least two dollars or the amount of your choice.

Tournaments and games will be waiting for anyone wanting to play, and all proceeds go to help Alliance For youth.

“It will be fun, I’m excited to see everyone,” Billi said.

Game Night Lounge is at 1624 Marketplace Drive; click here to visit the website.