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Great Falls Does are making a difference

Great Falls Does are making a difference
Posted at 7:32 AM, Sep 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-28 09:52:07-04

Since its inception about a hundred years ago, the Does are a national organization formed to support the Elks Lodge. In Montana, there is only one drove that is located in Great Falls, Montana. Their aim: to make a difference.

“We have given in the past 14 years about $100,000 that we have made, and $67,000 of that went to women's and children's organizations,” said Mary Gernaat, a long-time Doe member. “That’s what it is all about, giving back.”

Recently, the group of gals won a Drove Of The Year award at the Does National Convention. The group says that they were surprised and humbled to receive such recognition.

Inge Buchholz, the current Does president, said, “Yes, we were surprised but we were thrilled to get this! We gave to seven organizations last January, about $1,000 checks each, and we hope it makes a difference.”

“This was the first time the convention recognized smaller droves. There is only 20 of us in our group. We may not have the huge numbers but per capita, we blow the other droves out of the water!” Mary added.

The Does are currently looking for more members to join. With meetings once a month, they hope to grow and touch as much of the community as they can.

Inge explained, “Just reach out to us at the Elks Lodge, we would love some new members, old and young to take part in our group! It’s a lot of fun!”