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Great Falls native brings "I Love This Life" message to Chouteau County students

Luc Swansson
Posted at 5:44 PM, Dec 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-14 20:07:28-05

Conversations surrounding mental health are largely on the rise throughout the country, however a stigma still prevails.

Luc Swensson, a 17-year old Great Falls native, is leading the effort to ignite these conversations and help kids see a better way through his non-profit "I Love This Life" foundation.

He has been advocating for his fellow youth since a young age. He began raising money for pediatric cancer, and realized he had a knack for raising money. His advocacy focuses on pediatric cancer, anti-bullying, and teen suicide. He is a product of a broken home and relates to the struggles of today's schoolchildren.

Luc has traveled as far as Ohio, speaking to more than 27,000 kids since the foundation's inception.

"With the foundation, I want to spread awareness of mental health, teen suicide, just the things that schools and other places really do want to talk about," Luc explains. "I want to take the school assemblies and that message as far as I possibly can."

De-stigmatizing mental health starts with having a conversation. His mission is to show kids and teens from all walks of life that they can overcome any hardship they are facing and be successful.

"When certain topics are brought up, you can kind of see the eyes light up and say, this is me. This is what this is what I'm going through. It's exciting to see that kids are starting to realize but are also opening up to share what's going on," Luc explains.

Mental health affects every community, big and small, and starting these discussions can save lives. If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available. The Suicide Hotline is available 24/7, just dial 988. You can also text "MT" to 741741.