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My Neighbor In Need celebrates 13 years in Great Falls

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Posted at 4:54 PM, Mar 19, 2024

My Neighbor in Need is a nonprofit organization aimed at fulfilling individual needs for people in the community. This month, they are celebrating 13 years of needs met.

It started as a simple idea to help people who might have a need, but not the financial stability to see it through. Dave Snuggs, the executive director and founder, said the last twelve years of service were made possible by the community being so generous and caring.

“It’s hard to imagine that what started off as a simple idea of anonymous giving and that first press conference we had, where I thought, ‘let's try to help 200 people a year.’ So at this time, if that was the number, we'd be about 2,400 people; [The] fact that we fulfilled almost 18,000 need requests is amazing,” Snuggs said.

It has since turned into a way for people in the community to anonymously ask their community members for help and for those willing to help to anonymously give and see that those needs are fulfilled.

Snuggs said, ‘It’s not me, I just had the idea. It's the community that said, ‘Hey, we like this program, we'll help fund it or fulfill needs,’ and so watching that growth, you know, has been an amazing journey.”

Going into their thirteenth year of service, My Neighbor in Need has fulfilled almost 18,000 needs for members in the community. Click here to visit the website.