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Police officers pay a surprise visit to a Great Falls woman

Police officers pay a surprise visit to a Great Falls woman
Posted at 4:29 PM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 10:29:39-05

GREAT FALLS — Valentine's Day was more than a week ago, but there was a Valentine's Day surprise that is still worth talking about.

A handful of Great Falls police officers showed up to an apartment complex to show a little love and appreciation to one of its residents - June Sechena, who is 93 years old.

The visit was in response to a note June sent to the police department, expressing appreciation for everything that Great Falls police officers do.

On the day MTN talked with her, June was spending part of her morning practicing speaking Polish with one of the Great Falls police officers who came to visit her.

"I've been real friendly with them,” Sechena said of the officers.

She was learning Polish because her grandson, who recently graduated from West Point, would eventually be stationed in Poland.

The officers who visited were part of the group of five officers who surprised her on Valentine's Day with a card, balloon, and flowers. "I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe one person would be here and here was a whole car-load. Not a car-load, all kinds of cars,” Sechena said.

"I love when the community reaches out for things like that, so I was, like, the first one to volunteer,” said Senior Police Officer Stephanie Kazior.

For Kazior, the surprise was time well spent: "It was just super nice to have a conversation with her. She's super witty and just made us feel really good to do something for her,” said Kazior.

"I love them,” Sechena said. "They’re the ones that take care of us. If we have an accident or if we get robbed or somebody steals our purse or something they're the ones I call."

Kazior said people like June motivate her: "We live in a really amazing place. Great Falls is a gem. With everything that's going on, our community supports everything that we do. Hearing from the community, hearing from individuals like June, on a personal level makes me want to come to work every day; want to do my job and do it better.”