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Shelby community fills support boxes for wrestlers, coaches, and managers

Wrestler Support Boxes
Posted at 8:17 AM, Feb 07, 2024

SHELBY — There's a wrestling tradition that started last year here in Shelby. This year the tradition continues as the Shelby community sends two High School Wrestlers to State.

Jessi LaTray: "So the baskets started last year, and it happened to be the first year and the last year. My daughter and son, she was a senior. He was a sophomore, that they were going to have this moment to spend together. And I thought, you know, these guys have worked so hard, they've earned their spot and they had to fight for it. And it wasn't just my kids. It was all the kids. And the coaches worked so hard. The managers, you know, it's a lot to get this opportunity. I wanted them to be able to share it and enjoy it and let the community show how proud they were of them."

These support boxes mean a lot to these athletes. This little bit of support goes a long way, from a snack on the road, to an encouraging letter from a member of the community.

Ryland Larson: "Every year for the people who go to state and then the coaches and the managers. We all we send them the office or at the Civic center and we have people write inspirational stuff for everyone going or like bring some snacks or something just whatever they want to say to the rest of us going to state just to help us through."

Thad White: "The community supports, we have the booster club that supports us. We have parents that do little special things for the kids that that make them excited about the tournament. So, yeah, this support's been great. Super proud of the kids and the whole team. So yeah, they work hard and in one of the toughest sports that it's that's out there."

Two boys from Shelby will be giving it their best, not only for themselves, but for their school and their community. “Let’s Go Coyotes!”.