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United Way helps with leaf clean-up in Great Falls

United Way helps with leaf clean-up in Great Falls
Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 20:28:01-04

GREAT FALLS — People are picking up dead leaves on the ground around Great Falls, and United Way of Cascade County is helping to make sure as many leaves are getting picked up as possible.

United Way is helping with their Days Of Caring event, raking leaves and cleaning yards for residents who might not be able to do it themselves. They had more than 80 volunteers this year, moving from house to house.

They estimate that volunteers visit about five houses each day of the week and say the need is still there. They served more than 30 houses this year and got an outpouring of response from the homeowners they helped.

Marketing director Kim Skornogoski says this is a heartwarming event and the need is greater than they anticipated, but are still happy to help as many people as they can.

“Some of the houses we’ve worked at, we’ve cleaned up 45 bags of leaves and when you’re a senior, when you have health problems, you know, something like that is just overwhelming,” Skornogoski said. “The need in our community for something like this is honestly greater than we even have volunteers to meet but each year we work hard to recruit volunteers so that we can try to meet that need.”

United Way helps with leaf clean-up in Great Falls

It can be a coin flip on how the weather will be on the day they pick to do it in fall every year, but this year’s was on a sunny, windy day and made for what volunteers called a great way to enjoy a beautiful day.

Wendy Lee has been volunteering for this event for the last four years and says it’s her favorite event because it lets her help people.

“I like hard work; I like to get outside. The people that we are doing it for, they’re just so grateful. I’m very capable of doing a lot of things. There’s a lot of people that aren’t and so whatever I can do to help give back to this community. This community’s been great and that’s what I like to do is give back to them,” Lee said.

For volunteering opportunities, you can visit the Volunteer Great Falls website.