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5.7 earthquake, numerous aftershocks near Salt Lake City

Posted at 8:30 AM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 10:36:37-04

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake shook the Wasatch Front area in Utah on Wednesday morning.

It occurred at 7:09 a.m. at a depth of about 6 miles.

According to a seismological report from the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake's epicenter was three miles north-northeast of Magna, which is about 15 miles west of Salt Lake City.

The USGS also reports multiple aftershocks in the area. Click here to visit the USGS event page.

The earthquake was the largest to hit Utah since a 5.9 magnitude quake shook the southern portion of the state in 1992, according to the Utah Emergency Management agency.

Utah Department of Transportation spokesman John Gleason said there are no initial reports of damage to Utah roadways or bridges.

At this point, there are no reports of serious injuries or major structural damage to homes or businesses.

Some of the responses on the FOX13 Facebook page:

  • Brittnee Smith Moore: In Magna. Omg! Intense. First earthquake of that magnitude for me. My dogs and kids are pretty scared. Power out. But everyone is ok. Still feeling aftershocks.
  • Bonnie Lee Harris: I had things fall of shelves during the shaking. Once it stopped, my entire condo structure swayed back and forth. I live in Murray/Taylorsville area.
  • Kiah Tallon Magna: it is so surreal on how scary that was.Dead asleep to straight fear.Lot of things fell off shelves and broke.But people in the household and animals are doing good. Just shook up.
  • Joni James Hill: Chandeliers and blinds swaying and the dogs running like all heck just broke loose to get out the doggy door. No worries. Californians use those to stir their coffee.
  • Brianna Della-May Darger: West Valley felt it STRONG. My family woke up in a panic, and watched our walls literally sway for almost a minute! Things fell off shelves and walls all over the house.