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Users on TikTok warn of content supporting a "national rape day"

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Posted at 8:45 AM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-21 10:45:12-04

Some people on the popular social media platform TikTok are warning others of a reported video promoting April 24th as "National Rape Day."

According to numerous reports, users on TikTok says a group of men created a video on the platform encouraging others to commit sexual assaults on April 24.

TikTok says they are taking the matter seriously but have not come across any videos or content on their platform that fits that description.

Users who have claimed to have seen the video sent out warnings to others, with many using other social media outlets to tell women and young children to stay home or be aware of their surroundings on the 24th.

TikTok says that while they have not found evidence of the original video, the safety of their users is a top priority.

"Keeping our community safe is our priority, and we do not tolerate content that promotes or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts including rape and sexual assault," a TikTok spokesperson wrote in an email to USA Today. "While we have not found evidence on our platform of any videos related to this subject, our safety team is remaining vigilant and we will remove content that violates our policies."

The website states: "While it doesn’t appear that videos promoting this illicit holiday are currently available on TikTok, it should be noted that rumors about a 'National Rape Day' were not new to 2021. This 'joke' or 'prank' or 'hoax' campaign has been around for several years."