Badgers ready to take on Flint Creek

Cascade Badgers
Posted at 3:52 PM, Sep 29, 2022

Cascade football couldn't ask for a much better start to the year, with their only blemish being a close loss at Lone Peak. Their biggest test of the season awaits them this coming week in Flint Creek. Cascade has a shorter week this week, playing their next game on Thursday due to a lack of officials. Flint Creek was not able to play Saturday so they moved it up instead of back, giving each team one less day to prepare.

Badgers ready to take on Flint Creek

The Badgers are just focused on getting ready for their opponent, Flint Creek, one of the top 8-man teams in the state. They don't mind as much what day they play on, but rather what they can control and improve on. Head coach Eric Dirk is in his third year with Cascade and sees strides being made each week. This is the first instance he recalls having a game moved but knows what must be done.

"We're kind of coming in our own," he said. "We had a little set back up in in Lone Peak and we played a tough team and had a little bit of adversity. But we bounced back really well last week for Homecoming. We're just excited to see this growth. We do have some young guys that are playing and starting for us and we're just seeing them grow in, which is great. I know they're going to continue to get better."

They're pleased with being 3-1 and say they have some work, but things are coming along and know the challenge ahead of them.

"We took that loss as like a learning experience," junior Caiden Sekuterski said. "We've worked really hard to try and get better and improve. Yeah, we just got to be together a little bit more and which got to refine our work and then we'll be good. We're like, trying to focus as much as possible. You can't underestimate a team. So and especially with this week playing Flint Creek, you really got to work hard."

Kickoff against Flint Creek is set for Thursday night at 7 p.m.