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These kids bedroom ideas are great for small homes

These kids bedroom ideas are great for small homes
Posted at 1:15 PM, Mar 29, 2023

Kids’ rooms are always smaller than the primary bedroom, but if strategically planned, they can still be well-lived-in rooms that hold everything a child might need. Space-challenged rooms can benefit from furniture that serves dual purposes, like a seat with hidden storage underneath or built-in items that won’t reduce the square-footage.

From purchasing the best bunk bed, to adding bursts of color and thoughtfully planning your room’s layout, here are some ideas on how to make sure every square inch serves a purpose.


Find The Best Bunk Bed To Double The Fun

Using bunk beds can help maximize square-footage, as they provide a way for kids to sleep in a vertical configuration, saving floor space.

The best bunk bed for kids is set up so the top bunk is lower to the ground and contains durable guardrails for safe slumber. While climbing up the ladder is fun for most, why not make it exciting to get down too by buying a bunk bed with a slide?

A well-designed bunk bed may also include storage and shelving to help save even more space. Be sure to look for units that cover all your bases.


Maximize Creative Storage Options

Does your kid’s room have a window where a seat could be installed? This nook may not only be a great spot to sit and read, but installing a bench or chest here can also double as a storage solution.

Additionally, one of the least utilized storage areas is under the bed. This area is the perfect place to stash items out of site — think books, toys and clothing. Use shallow totes to free up dresser and closet space and simply slide them under the bed.


Don’t Let Vertical Space Go To Waste

While the best bunk beds know how to maximize vertical space well, the same goes for shelving that goes all the way to the ceiling. Don’t let precious wall space go to waste. Another smart space-saving option for a small bedroom is to use a bookshelf as a headboard.

Consider Creating A Built-in Bed Or Bookshelf

If you have the option for a small remodel, built-in beds can free up valuable floor space by fitting into alcoves cut directly into the wall and folding out when needed. Pull the bed down when you need it and fold it back up in the morning. With this type of furniture, making the bed may not even be necessary!

Additionally, built-in bookshelves can hold books, toys and more without taking up precious floor space. Lower open shelves also work well for little ones who want to access their favorite items frequently, while higher ones can display special gifts, picture frames or anything that might easily be broken.


Use Color Wisely

A monochromatic palette can enhance a small space, but that doesn’t mean it should be devoid of color. Decorate with soothing and uplifting colors like yellows, grays and blues to make it inviting for the little ones that live there.

If you’d rather use patterns or bright colors, consider limiting them to one wall to ensure you don’t shrink the size of the room. This can also save you cash if you’re planning to use wallpaper for your accent area.

You don’t need a big home to make lasting memories, and a child’s bedroom doesn’t need to cost a lot to furnish. With a little forethought and strategy, you can make the most of a small space and create a warm and welcoming environment for your child.

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