How much snow from this week's winter storm?

Montana Snow (2022)
Posted at 10:33 AM, Apr 15, 2022

GREAT FALLS — How much snow you saw from the winter storm this week was very much a matter of being in the right place at the right time - or wrong place, wrong time, depending on how you feel about snow.

Some areas received very large amounts of snow - areas in and around Pony in Madison County recorded more than three feet of snow, and many areas across southern and eastern Montana received more than a foot of snow.

I-94 was closed between Billings and the North Dakota border on Tuesday for several hours due to the snow, and the town of Broadus welcomed scores of truckers who were temporarily stranded.

Broadus housing truck drivers stranded by road closures

The National Weather Service provided this look at snow totals:

Fergus County
5 miles NE of Hilger: 8.5 in
Grass Range: 8.0 in
Lewistown: 4.5 in

Lewis & Clark County
11 miles W of Helena: 4.0 in
13 miles WSW of Helena: 36.0 in
11 miles SE of Lincoln
7 miles SW of Helena: 22.0 in
8 miles NNE of Lincoln: 2.0 in
3 miles ESE of Wolf Creek: 12.0 in

Cascade County:
Ulm: 6.0 in
2 miles SE of Black Eagle: 4.3 in
5 miles SW of Great Falls: 4.5 in
Great Falls airport: 2.6 in
6 miles NE of Craig: 15.7 in
6 miles W of Sand Coulee: 1.0 in

Southern Rocky Mountain Front
Augusta: 4.5 in
17 miles WSW of Bynum: 4.0 in
15 miles SW of Dupuyer: 12.0 in
Choteau: 1.5 in

Northern Rocky Mountain Front
11 miles SSW of East Glacier: 7.0 in
13 miles SW of Heart Butte: 4.0 in
11 miles WSW of Babb: 1.0 in

Meagher County
10 miles SW of Checkerboard: 9.0 in
6 miles WSW of Neihart: 5.0 in
18 miles W of White Sulphur Springs: 16.0 in

Madison County
3 miles WNW of Big Sky: 6.0 in
5 miles SW of Pony: 47.0 in
Pony: 36.0 in
Harrison: 24.0 in
Ennis Co-op: 2.1 in

Judith Basin County
12 miles SSE of Neihart: 9.0 in
5 miles SW of Stanford: 7.0 in
Stanford: 4.0 in

Jefferson County
10 miles SE of Clancy: 9.0 in
Boulder Co-op: 6.0 in
2 miles SE of Montana City: 5.2 in
Clancy: 13.5 in
Boulder: 11.5 in
6 miles N of Basin: 11.0 in

Big Horn County:
Hardin: 12.0 in
Busby: 8.5 in
Hardin: 8.2 in

Carbon County
1 mile S of Red Lodge: 24.0 in
Roscoe: 14.0
Red Lodge: 12.0 in
2.2 miles WNW of Joliet: 10.0 in
2.3 miles N of Bridger: 5.0 in

Carter County:
Ekalaka: 19.0 in
16.3 miles SSE of Ekalaka: 11.0 in

Custer County:
Miles City: 20.0 in
2.3 miles W of Kinsey: 11.5 in

Fallon County:
Baker: 16.0 in
.4 miles SSW of Plevna: 15.1 in

Golden Valley County:
0.3 miles E of Ryegate: 9.0 in
18 miles NNW of Ryegate: 4.0 in

Musselshell County:
1.5 miles NNE of Roundup: 12.0 in
8.1 miles SE of Roundup: 15.2 in
5 miles SE of Klein: 15.0 in

Park County
Livingston: 10.0 in
3 miles N of Cooke City: 6.0 in
12.7 miles ENE of Wilsall: 4.5 in
4.5 miles SE of Clyde: 4.0 in

Powder River County
7.3 miles SSW of Sonnette: 10.4 in
9.7 miles ESE of Ashland: 10.0 in
12.3 miles SSE of Broadus: 9.0 in

Rosebud County
Forsyth: 14.0 in
Colstrip: 13.0 in
5.7 miles E of Melstone: 12.2 in

Sheridan County
Dayton: 12.0 in
Sheridan: 7.0 in

Stillwater County
3 miles S of Nye: 24.0 in
18.1 miles SW of Fishtail: 17.0 in
0.9 miles NW of Columbus: 15.6 in
2 miles S of Absarokee: 9.0 in
Columbus: 9.0 in
5 miles SE of Reed Point: 7.0 in
Park City: 7.0 in

Sweet Grass County:
McLeod: 20.0 in
Greycliff: 19.0 in
10.1 miles ENE of Melville: 16.5 in
4 miles S of Big Timber: 12.0 in

Treasure County
1.6 miles E of Sanders: 18.0 in
0.3 miles SE of Hysham: 13.5 in

Wheatland County
0.4 miles WNW of Two Dot: 6.0 in

Yellowstone County
1.4 miles SE of Billings: 15.0 in
3 miles E of Lockwood: 14.0 in
9.8 miles E of Molt: 10.8 in
1.2 miles E of Pompeys Pillar:
Laurel: 7.0 in

The NWS noted: "Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying equipment and exposures. We thank all volunteer weather observers for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official."