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This stainless steel wine chiller set is perfect for picnics, travel and gifts

This Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Set Is Perfect For Picnics, Travel And Gifts
Posted at 1:00 PM, Sep 18, 2022

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Whether you’re camping, boating, lounging by the pool or picnicking with friends, everything is better with a drink in hand. If you’re bringing wine, sparkling water or bottled beer along, glass containers can pose an issue. Not only are they fragile, but they are also banned in several places like child-attended events, pools and concerts.

That’s why it can be useful to transport beverages in well-designed, insulated, unbreakable containers. You can keep liquid at its ideal temperature no matter the weather or how far you’re traveling.

Stainless steel wine chiller

There’s a stainless steel wine chiller picnic set available on Amazon for $28.99 that’s shatter-proof, sweat-proof, odor-, smudge- and rust-resistant.

Wine Chiller Gift Set

wine chiller picnic set

The set includes two 14-ounce insulated wine tumblers with lips, one 750ml ergonomically designed bottle with screw top lid, funnel and cleaning brush. The clear sliding cup lids are BPA-free and have a silicone seal. This will not only keep pesky bugs out of your beverage, but they also help prevent spills. Crafted to mimic the design of a wine bottle, the flask holds whatever beverage you fill it with to the exact temperature for up to 24 hours.

This set is not only useful for travel, but it’s also nice when spending time in your backyard, saving you from frequent trips to the fridge.

With more than 1,100 global ratings and an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this set comes highly rated with 81% of people ranking it 5 full stars. People found it easy to hold, simple to clean and a great value.

Several reviewers mentioned this set works for more than wine and that hot drinks are kept at the proper temperature just as well as cold ones.

stainless steel wine flask

CBailey ordered a set for a holiday gift for a friend right after she started using hers for the first time because she immediately fell in love with it. She likes to use it for hot chocolate.

Another reviewer was worried her margarita wouldn’t stay cool in the wine bottle but she found it was perfectly refreshing.

“I’m so surprised with the quality of this,” she wrote. “Definitely a great purchase!”

Mike T. found it to be excellent for chilled white wine or for keeping red wine at a reasonable temperature, even when it’s in the trunk of your car on a hot travel day. He also liked that the flask is leak proof.

“I’ve stored it in a suitcase, full of red wine, and no leaking which would have been easily detected,” he wrote. “And the price is more than fair, giving this set great value as well as functionality.”

This useful wine chiller set would make for a great gift because it comes packaged in an attractive gift box. Take it along to your next barbecue, beach party or tailgating event.

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