You can get a whole case of 144 ready-to-bake cookies at Sam’s Club

You can get a whole case of 144 ready-to-bake cookies at Sam’s Club
Posted at 4:30 AM, Nov 30, 2023
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If you’re of the opinion that there are never enough chocolate chip cookies during the holidays, you’ll want to add a stop at Sam’s Club to your to-do list.

The warehouse club is selling a bulk wholesale case of their Member’s Mark chocolate chip cookie dough for $44.95. Each box includes dough for 144 cookies, making them just 29 cents each.

The cookies come pre-portioned and ready to bake and are even properly spaced on oven-ready paper baking sheets with 12 cookies per sheet. To make them, simply pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and place them on a 9-by-13-inch baking pan, or place two sheets on a 18-by-26-inch baking pan.


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You can also buy a 360-count case of Mini Candy Cookie Dough for $40.56, a 144-count case of White Chunk Macadamia Nut cookies for $37.12 or a 144-count of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for $30.53.

If you’re going to have this much cookie dough on hand, this is a good time to remember that pre-made cookie dough is not safe to eat raw (unless it’s specifically made that way by the manufacturer). Most cookie dough includes raw eggs as well as raw flour, and both ingredients can harbor bacteria that will ruin your holidays in a hurry. It’s way the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sends out a warning each year, usually right around this time, about not eating either ingredient raw. The instructions on these cases of ready-to-bake cookies say baking is required, so you’ll have to wait until they’re hot and melty right out of the oven before you partake!

Not sure you could ever make your way through that many cookies, or don’t have a Sam’s Club membership? Making your own chocolate chip cookies (in a smaller batch!) is actually quite easy and just as tasty, especially if you follow this recipe for making bakery-style chocolate chip cookies at home. (You can also try this recipe that uses cream cheeseto make them extra soft, or this one that adds peanut butter.)

Chocolate chip cookies baked on pan

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What is your favorite holiday dessert?

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