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Coming up: 'Art In The Park' in Shelby

Posted at 7:55 PM, May 31, 2024

Tuesday, June 4th, will mark the second annual Art in the Park event in Shelby.

The event, hosted by Youth Dynamics, will gather close to 15 organizations from local health agencies, to the chamber of commerce to 4H.

Each organization will gather at City Park on Shelby’s Main Street from 11am to 3pm.Parents will be able to gather information on how to sign up children for summer events to keep them busy.

Meanwhile kids can enjoy arts and crafts provided by each organization, each one tailored to the organizations mission. Lunch will also be provided courtesy of the local library.

The event is building off the success of last year, its first event.

“They’re actually interacting with the kids and they’re doing some sort of art project.” says Dawn Wagner, Youth Manager with Youth Dynamics. “Last year, the Smile Shop, was here, they did paint with marbles playing and the Boy Scouts built a little helicopter with the kids.”

Jessica Kjos, the Shelby/Havre Youth Dynamics office Area Manager chimed in saying, “It’s known that when you try to do a craft with a child, they’re more likely to be involved instead of just handing them something and talking to them.”

The pair of women work closely with children and families along with a staff of youth mentors.

“We deal with kids mental health and behavioral health. And part of the role that we play is providing resources for our families,” says Wagner.

Youth Dynamics also provide individual and family therapy, medication management, and other specialized programs designed to provide stability in youth and families.

They are a non-profit organization open to support from individuals around Montana. Donations of monies, gift cards, and crafts are just a few ways you can help.

Becoming a youth mentor is another great option; click here to learn more.