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Glasgow wrestlers attend wrestling camp in Missouri

Camp helped wrestlers learn and practice new techniques
Glasgow female wrestlers
Posted at 9:50 AM, Jun 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-27 11:56:12-04

GLASGOW — A team of female wrestlers in Glasgow recently returned from the Purler Wrestling Academy in Missouri.

The trip was a week-long opportunity to learn and build new skills and the girls say it was definitely worthwhile.

Chloe and Madison Lamb, Blake Ozark, and Riley Clampitt love to wrestle.

"Getting to flex that you're strong. That's why I do it," said Riley said.

"It's not a common women's spot. It's different," Madison said.

At the Purler Wrestling Academy, they got to wrestle with girls from around the country and even one from another country.

"We learned a lot of leg riding and different ways to go from a shot that we don't really learn here," Madison explained.

Glasgow female wrestlers
From left to right: Chloe Lamb, Madison Lamb, Blake Ozark, Riley Clampitt

After being interviewed for this story, they demonstrated leg riding.

"The trip down there was interesting," the girls' assistant coach, Travis lamb, said.

He took the girls to the camp.

"I saw some growth in the girls. Some of the stuff was things that we teach here but with different setups, just different ways of doing the same move," he said. "I think the girls really soaked some of that up and I'm looking forward to seeing them in the practice room and especially during the season on the mat."

The girls' head coach, Travis Casterline, said attending the camp shows the girls are committed.

Glasgow wrestling coaches
Travis Lamb (left) and Jory Casterline (right)

"That's kind of what we look for in our program," said Casterline. "Montana's exploding right now for girls wrestling. Right now, you've got girls that, I believe, are over in Utah. I know we have a group of girls in Florida right now. So it's exploding. With us, this year was our first year with girls getting wins at the state tournament. We didn't get any placers but a couple made the blood round."

"We have a lot of little girls that are coming out for us here, too," Blake said.

When asked how that makes them feel, the girls said it makes them feel good and excited.


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