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Montana Ag Network: Havre food bank gets a 'beefy' donation

Posted at 10:37 AM, Nov 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-23 11:38:25-05

HAVRE — The Havre Community Food Bank is receiving a donation of 1,500 pounds of Angus burger meat just in time for the holiday season.

The donation comes courtesy of Walter Schweitzer, president of the Montana Farmer’s Union. The meat, which came from two cows and one bull, was raised on his Tiber Angus ranch in Central Montana.

The meat was processed at the Montana Premium Processing Co-op in Havre.

“There's over 130 families that are going to benefit from this burger, and they're going to see that this burger was processed right here in their own community. They're going to be eating local burger, and we need to get back to that," says Schweitzer.

Havre Community Food Bank gets a 'beefy' donation
Havre Community Food Bank gets a 'beefy' donation

The Montana Cattleman’s Association received a grant from Town Pump which pays the processing cost of any livestock donated to the Havre Food Bank.

The Montana Farmer’s Union will finance processing when the grant eventually expires.

Joscelyn Smith, a representative of the Havre Community Food Bank, said, “We were very pleased. We actually were getting very low on meat to distribute to our clients. So this was actually a very big need.This is actually going to help us out a lot."

Smith hopes the meat will last throughout the winter months. “I’m hoping that it'll last us a little bit so that we can try to distribute it out as much as we can instead of it going as fast. We want to try to give out as much as we can,” she says.