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Pre-evacuation warnings announced for Woods Creek Fire

Woods Creek Fire
Woods Creek Fire
Posted at 2:54 PM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-27 16:56:00-04

A pre-evacuation warning has been issued due to the Woods Creek Fire for Upper Duck Creek Road, Upper Gurnett Creek Road, and Upper Dry Gulch Road.

Broadwater County Sheriff Wynn Meehan said on Facebook that landowners and residents need to take measures to prepare for a possible mandatory evacuation of those areas.

The Woods Creek fire has burned more than 3,700 acres as of Tuesday morning.

Meehan said he made the decision through discussions with the U.S. Forest Service and monitoring weather and fire report for the Woods Creek Fire. The winds are predicted to continue to shift from the west to the northeast throughout the day. With the change, there is a possibility for the fire to crest the ridgeline and come down into the Duck Creek drainage towards Upper Gurnett and Upper Dry Gulch Road.

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Woods Creek Fire

The warning is to provide people with time to gather livestock in the area, clear the area around homes that could be in danger, and secure personal effects that people cannot replace.

Pre-evacuation means that people in the affected area should prepare to evacuate if necessary; affected people should have a "go bag" containing necessary items.

Law enforcement officers will be going door to door to notify residents and landowners that are around.

The forest is currently closed to all traffic and activities at this time and there will be barricades placed on the road that will be open for residents, landowners and firefighting personnel.

All other drivers are advised to avoid Confederate Gulch, Upper Duck Creek, Upper Gurnett, and Upper Dry Gulch.