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Anaconda Hills Golf Course hosts pumpkin patch fun

Posted at 9:03 AM, Oct 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-23 11:04:22-04

Saturday afternoon, Anaconda Hills Golf Course hosted its first ever pumpkin patch event despite the rain and cold.

Jeff Stange, General Manager at Anaconda Hills, partnered with Peace Place to provide an interactive and inclusive event for all ages. Beyond pumpkin carving, there were games, photo opportunities, hot dogs, and ice cold beer for the adults.

“So this spring, when I was buying flowers for the property, I bought a couple packs of wildflower seeds, and then for fun, a bag of pumpkin seeds. We bought that just purely as a joke, and then had some conversations and it just kind of grew into this to where we started growing pumpkins here at the golf course and eventually said, ‘Let's do this massive pumpkin patch event and do something for the community’,” says Stange.

There was an impressive turnout for the event in its first year as parents flocked to take photos with their kids, and children scooped guts out of hollowed out pumpkins.

“It's just another great way that our community supports each other and our children can have a safe and happy Halloween,” says Peace Place representative Louisa Libertelli-Dunn.

Because of the success the event enjoyed, Stange hopes to make his pumpkin patch a yearly tradition.

“We'll do this once a year on the golf course, the last day of the golf season here at Anaconda is tomorrow, which is normal this time of year. So we're going to treat it as kind of an end of year party, but more of a community picnic and community get together and just see where it takes us from there. It’s a fun part of these community events is that they grow,” Stange says.