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GFPD shares info on several recent calls for service

So far in 2019, the GFPD has responded to 41,356 calls
Great Falls Police Department patrol vehicle
Posted at 9:42 AM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 11:50:42-05

GREAT FALLS โ€” The Great Falls Police Department on Monday shared some information about recent incidents and investigations, and a year-to-date summary of calls for service.

So far in 2019, the GFPD has responded to 41,356 calls, including:

๐Ÿš“ 1,035 Abandoned Vehicles
๐Ÿš“ 21 Aggravated Assaults
๐Ÿš“ 1,061 Alarms (residential + commercial)
๐Ÿš“ 153 Barking Complaints
๐Ÿš“ 3,879 Disturbances (family, juvenile, general, noise)
๐Ÿš“ 1,204 Non-injury Crashes
๐Ÿš“ 215 Injury Crashes
๐Ÿš“ 538 Hit and Run Crashes
๐Ÿš“ 201 Partner Family Member Assaults
๐Ÿš“ 527 Larc from Auto
๐Ÿš“ 681 Shoplifts

Here are some of the recent calls for service:

  • Officers responded to a complaint that neighbors were having a party and being loud. Primary officer reported the party goers were hearing impaired and did not realize the music was so loud. Officerโ€™s note, โ€œI warned them that the Beastie Boys may have fought for their right but, they need to keep it downโ€
  • Officers responded to report of an attempted shoplift at a grocery store. The female suspect fled but left behind the meat she was attempting to steal, a bag of personal items, and a purse.
  • Driver cited for using a handheld electronic device after officer observed a mobile phone up to the driverโ€™s ear. The officer followed for a couple blocks, with top lights activated, and eventually had to use the siren to get the driverโ€™s attention. Driver stated they kept going because they didnโ€™t notice the officer behind them.
  • A shoplifting report turned in to a report of a recovered runaway after two youths consumed fried chicken and Gatorade without purchasing the items before leaving a store. Both youths received shoplifting citations and were picked up by their parents, who traveled up from Billings.
  • Owner of a local business requests extra patrol because people are defecating in the parking area behind the business.
  • Officer advised two people that they were trespassing when the officer found them rummaging through donations left outside a thrift store. The officer further advised they would be arrested for theft if they removed any of the donated items.
  • Driver was cited for using a handheld electronic device after an officer observed the driver talking on a phone. The officer followed the vehicle for two blocks, with top lights activated, before the driver parked near a business and exited the vehicle, still unaware of the officer's presence. The driver, still on the phone, said โ€œIโ€™m going to have to let you goโ€, once they finally noticed the officer.
  • Officers were first on scene to assist a baby not breathing. Emergency medical crews from Great Falls Fire Rescue and Great Falls Emergency Services arrived and the baby began to breathe, with assistance. The baby was transported to Benefis Health System Emergency Department.

In addition, the GFPD says that Officer Halloran is investigating a vandalism that happened between 10 pm on October 31st and 6 am on November 1st on the 3700 block of 6th Avenue North. Two vehicles and a residence sustained a "tremendous amount" of damage, according to the GFPD. If anyone has information about the crime, or saw anything suspicious, they are asked to call MPO Halloran at 727-7688 X5, or send a private message to the GFPD Facebook page.

Click here to read more on the GFPD Facebook page.