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Great Falls attorney receives two awards for service

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Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-24 20:00:36-05

GREAT FALLS — The Edward C. Alexander award is given out every year by the Cascade County Bar Association to an attorney who exemplifies ethical and personal conduct within the workplace and community. For this year's winner, it was their second award in just two weeks, recognizing their service.

Attorney at law, Gregg Smith received the prestigious “lifetime achievement” award after spending the last 35 years practicing law at his firm in Great Falls. He says the award came as a complete surprise and was an emotional experience.

“I stood up and I spoke about two words and then I had to sit down. It was kind of emotional and pretty sentimental,” says Smith.

Smith was also the recipient of the 2023 Big Brother of the Year award, recognizing his commitment as a mentor to his little brother, as part of the national Big Brothers & Big Sisters curriculum.

“It's very rewarding, and I think now he probably looks forward to seeing me almost as much as I look forward to seeing him,” Smith says. Gregg’s ‘little brother’ is no eight years old, and enjoys hanging out with Gregg’s dogs, playing ping-pong, and various water activities.

“This is really direct one on one and we're friends. I told him, I said, it's not Big Brother of the Year, it's Match of the Year because it was he and I together. That’s how we won.”

Matt Meade is one of three partners working alongside Gregg at the firm. The impact Smith has made on the workplace is immeasurable, he said.

“He always gets along with everyone. He'll be the first to offer to bury the hatchet, to buy a beer. It's just who he is,” says Meade. “The Edward C. Alexander Award is about professionalism in your community, professionalism in your practice. And Greg showed that you can win that while still giving your time to other organizations and still volunteering like he has with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.”

For Smith, it’s all about doing his best to support a community which has helped him to succeed.

“Try to be congenial to your other members of your profession. Try to work hard, do a good job for your clients, attain some level of respect within your profession,” he says.

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