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Great Falls author shares her book with students

Great Falls author shares her book with students
Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-19 13:29:08-05

On Thursday morning, Great Falls author Brenda Wrigley read aloud her newest book, “Tim’s Triumphant Trumpet”, to a group of students at Morningside Elementary School.

“This is absolutely powerful for our students,” says Cherie Stordahl, a special education teacher at Morningside.

The book tells the story of Tim, a young boy with a passion for playing the trumpet who wants to start a band. Despite all the naysayers, he perseveres to fulfill his goal and plays his music proudly.

By sharing this tale, Brenda hopes children can align themselves with the message.“To be able to come in to a class and read a book about perseverance and strength, where you can be determine, it shows you can actually push on and achieve goals,” says Wrigley.

The book will hopefully inspire children around the Great Falls school district.

“Just to have that in their hands is is a powerful movement to help kiddos be excited about reading. Reading is not easy for every student. And so when they get excited about it, they will persevere and they will try harder,” says Stordahl.

“We are finding all the classes here, right here in Great Falls that I'm going to come and I'm going to visit. I'm going to read. And then we'll be giving out books to anybody in that class that get sponsored,” Wrigley adds.

Brenda’s ‘Triumphant Tales’ movement aims to put her book in the hands of as many GFPS students as possible.

You can help sponsor Brenda to help her fulfill her goal of sharing her stories with students. To help, email Brenda at