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Great Falls commissioners discuss housing, false alarms, and more

Posted at 12:31 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 14:33:46-05

Highlights of Tuesday evening's commission meeting are as follows.

During the public discussion at tonight‘s meeting the topic of housing and affordable housing was raised by several pastors in the Great Falls area.

Many were speaking in favor of finding more affordable housing for those who are homeless.

They spoke on how they have been a part of attending to the homeless during the summer.

“Over the summer it just exploded,“ says one woman who has been working with the homeless for many years.

Well another went as far as saying that the city it’s not working towards trying to find a solution.

There were several back-and-forths between people who blame the churches for enabling the problem and the church saying they are simply protecting the human rights of those experiencing homelessness.

Also on the agenda was to approve ordinances for false alarms on fires as well as creating a few adaptations to the cities fire code.

The city commission passed both of those ordinances as well as opened up for public hearing on an ordinance involving weapons, concealed and non-concealed carrying on public and publicly owned properties. That hearing will be on December 21 at 7 PM.