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Great Falls library debating whether to change name to honor Alma Jacobs

Great Falls Public Library
Great Falls Public Library - mural of Alma Jacobs
Posted at 11:35 AM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 19:56:33-05

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Public Library is still in the process of whether or not to change its name to the Great Falls Alma Jacobs Library.

The proposal was brought up by Cascade County historian Ken Robison, who in 2020 requested that the library be named in honor of the former head librarian.

Since then, the library board created a naming policy and committee to gather community input consisting of meetings, focus groups, and surveys.

Jacobs was known for her role in opening the library and serving as the head librarian in 1954 for almost 20 years, until she moved on to be named Montana State Librarian from 1973-1981.

A mural of Jacobs is displayed on the side of the Great Falls Public Library.

A mural of Jacobs is displayed on the side of the Great Falls Public Library

Library director Susie McIntyre stated, “We are very proud of her and all of the things that she has done for the library and for the community at large.”

She continued, “She also was a big community activist in Great Falls and did a lot of work for civil rights."

The Library naming committee recommended against renaming the library. The Board will vote on December 28 on the proposal.

Click here to read the full committee report (PDF).