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Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex hosts mini-match

Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex hosts mini-match
Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex hosts mini-match
Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex hosts mini-match
Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-19 21:13:03-04

GREAT FALLS — Cooler temperatures are making their way to Montana but there are still plenty of options to stay outdoors. The Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex added one of those options and was home to Great Falls’ first ever United States Practical Shooting Association mini-match this weekend where marksmen and women of all skill levels came to the range to test their skills and learn new ones as well.

Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex hosts mini-match

The Crooked Falls Practical Shooters have been trying for some time to get USPSA sanctioned events in Great Falls, and now they have accomplished that goal, and have seen plenty of interest from the public - in fact, the turnout was more than what they expected.

Steve Brown is a Missouri River Shooter’s board director and has been shooting action pistols since the 80’s and is excited to see people showing interest in something they are passionate about teaching people.

“We’ve got more people showing up than we even thought so that’s good they’re showing real interest. We didn’t have a lot here for a while which made it hard but that’s why we’re working so hard to get it back up and going full speed,” Brown said.

Not only do they have plenty of interest, but they now have another Montana market where people can come and participate in more events, which is the goal of the Practical Shooters, to get more people involved and learn about the sports. Rick Wolke is a director for the Crooked Falls Practical Shooters and has been all over the state for various events but wanted to bring USPSA sanctioned events to his hometown, and he can say he has.

“I noticed there wasn’t a club here that was active and so we thought we’d get one going. The turnout was excellent so there are people that want to come out and participate. A lot of people have heard of it but never had the opportunity to shoot it,” Wolke said.

The adrenaline rush will be there, but more people are experiencing that rush and the Shooters anticipate even more people for future events which they say there will be plenty of. They also plan on being active during the winter with access to indoor ranges and events as well as a full spring schedule next year.

For more information on upcoming events you can visit the Crooked Falls Facebook page.

The Great Falls Shooting Complex is located at 171 Morony Dam Road.