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Helping Hands celebrates move into a new facility

Helping Hands celebrates move into a new facility
Posted at 10:20 AM, Apr 06, 2024

On Friday night, volunteers of the Ministry of Helping Hands in Great Falls hosted a gathering below the First English Lutheran Church to congratulate one another on their efforts serving the community the last few years.

Through rain or shine, and a global pandemic, thousands of needy individuals were assisted thanks to Helping Hands.

Last year, the agency says that 12,500 people were served and 75 tons of food was distributed by the group.

“Looking at someone in the eye and and seeing them as a human and them looking at me and, thanking me or blessing me. It’s really powerful,” says volunteer Jenny Kunka.

Recently the First Lutheran Church closed its services for good, but it has given the keys to the property to Helping Hands for permanent use. It is at 726 Second Avenue North.

“Something really beautiful has come out of what was First English Lutheran. We get to continue to do the good work that we do here and do what we think is what we’re supposed to do, what we’re told to do, which is love our neighbors,” says the director of Helping Hands, Carrie Hill Parker.

Carrie Hill Parker
Carrie Hill Parker

Those that have made an effort to contribute are all the better for it.

“It changes people. You know, it really it really has an impact, perhaps even more so on the ones that are showing up to help,” says Parker.

For more information about Helping Hands, call 406-453-9551, or click here.