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Holiday wreath workshop in Great Falls

Holiday wreath workshop in Great Falls
Posted at 6:40 PM, Nov 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-27 20:48:42-05

GREAT FALLS — Greta Murphy’s name has become synonymous with her holiday wreath workshop, which has become a yearly tradition. On Sunday, the tradition continued featuring a packed house full of crafters in downtown Great Falls.

“This is a wreath making workshop and we have two more this week. It's just a fun way to get everyone into the spirit of the holidays. We bring in fresh greens and lots of dried foliage, lots of fun ornaments, and it's just a way for people to get together and get in the holiday spirit,” say Greta.

Greta Murphy

She started in her basement - “But my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore.”

Since then, Murphy has moved into the Tres65 Celebration Studio downtown each holiday season, courtesy of her friend Katie Carvell.

“We have our celebration studio and what we like to specialize in is having the community members come in to do classes, bringing people together. We also do a bunch of events so people can rent it out. It's like their own little space to host baby showers, birthday parties, and whatever you can dream up. We wanted it to sounds like a fun space people can come down to and enjoy,” says Carvell.

Katie Carvell

Murphy’s passion for the craft started as a child.

“My aunt actually showed me how to make wreaths when I was really little. I originally did it because I thought it was really fun, and I got all my friends into it, and then it became a thing where it could become a cool thing I brought into the community,” says Murphy.

“Greta always goes into the mountains and gets fresh trees, and fun things to put on the wreaths, so when she approached us this year to potentially hold it down here, we were all in,” says Carvell.

Those who are interested in signing up for the next two events can do so by calling or texting the phone number 406-830-5260. Cost is $60 per person and will be on Thursday, December 1st at 5:30 PM, and on Friday, December 2nd at 10:30 AM.