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Leadership Great Falls class learns about energy, infrastructure, and transportation

Leadership Great Falls Class
Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-22 21:01:22-04

This year’s Leadership Great Falls class, a part of the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, traveled to various energy, transportation, and infrastructure companies to learn about their impact in the community.

Their day included presentations from the Montana Department of Transportation and NorthWestern Energy, and various tours including Holman Aviation, Great Falls International Airport, and the TDS Fiber warehouse.

The objective of the day was to understand the impact energy, infrastructure, and transportation components have on the community.

We joined them on their stop at the Black Eagle Dam where NorthWestern Energy provided a tour of the dam and spoke with Fire Marshal Mike McIntosh about the program.

“This is Leadership Great Falls, 2023-2024, and it's where community members get to come together as a leadership group and learn about our community and also work together to help a nonprofit organization within the community”, McIntosh described.

The chosen nonprofit of this year’s class is to raise money for a new tractor for Eagle Mount in Great Falls. The group has organized numerous upcoming fundraisers and raffles for the community in order to reach their goal.

AJ Greff, a member of the Leadership Great Falls class, said, “Leadership Great Falls has been very impactful for me to learn more about the community and learn more about what Great Falls has to offer, all the different services and basically people who can help and who shape our community. Every year there's a class project, and our project this year is raising money for Eagle Mount so they can buy a new tractor so that they are more efficient in their day to day operations and they can better provide services to their participants”.

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