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'No More Violence Week' focuses on the Arts

'No More Violence Week' focuses on the Arts
Posted at 10:43 PM, Apr 10, 2024

GREAT FALLS — No More Violence Week continued in Great Falls with an exhibition at the Heritage Inn on Wednesday evening.

The event, titled, ‘Building Hope and Resilience in Violence Prevention: Partnering with the Arts’, utilized both various mediums of artwork and live, classical music to engage the crowd. Music was presented by Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds of the Great Falls Symphony.

Alyssa Roggow, the emcee of the evening introduced the concept of VTS, or Visual Thinking Strategies to the audience. VTS is a curriculum which facilitates community bonding dialogue through artwork. The event also serves as a therapeutic vessel to dispel trauma.

“I think this event is special in the fact that it brings the arts so close to the healing process,” says Roggow.

By hosting the evening, Roggow, was able to not only educate the community, but also reach out to survivors of abuse and violence.

We’re bringing that idea of how do we check in with ourselves as abuse survivors,” says Roggow. “And in difficult situations, how do we stay connected with ourselves?”