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Nosh Food Truck now has a 'brick & mortar' location

Posted at 5:48 PM, May 11, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Julie Curtis path to chef is a unique one. As a child she watched the Food Network instead of cartoons, and read the cookbooks of Julia Child.

“I personally never got to go to school, so I just soaked up as much info as I could from anybody I could,” says Julie Curtis, the new owner of Nosh Catering & Kitchen.

Julie got to fulfill her dream of running a food truck when her friend Lyndsay Gutierrez, the owner of popular food truck Nourish, leased her the truck to use on her days off.

For getting her started, Julie is forever grateful to Lyndsay, but she was ready to venture into her own business, and after the success of Nosh food truck, Curtis knew it was time.

“The food truck season, you know, it's not a forever thing. So I said, I suppose I'll set up shop,” says Julie.

Now, in her new kitchen at 4307 North Star Boulevard in northeast Great Falls, Julie can accomplish way more than before. She runs a successful catering business, while also serving prepared food to hungry guests inside the shop. She intends to focus on catering over the summer, then switch back to in-house cooking for the colder months.

“People could come and get hot food, cold food, frozen food, take it home, eat it at your convenience,” says Julie.

Julie would describe her food as clean-eating, she engages in low profile cooking while sourcing nearly all her ingredients locally and organic. She buys her micro-greens from Montana Fresh, her produce from a farm in Belt, and much of her meat from Central Avenue Meats.

Drew Hicks, the owner of Central Avenue Meats, is pleased to help foster growth within the community food scene.

“Our goal is to pair chefs like Julie and local restaurateurs like Julie with the ranchers. So we stand as kind of the middleman. We really want to bridge that gap. So we want to see local restaurants like Julie carrying local meat products. I love seeing that,” says Hicks.

Julie hopes to continue at her brand, and become one of the more recognizable option in the town and state. Her slogan is “Eat with Enthusiasm" - and she is full of it.

“It brings me so much joy to just just wake up every day and be doing what I've always dreamt of doing. And at the end of the day, you know that even if it was a rough day, you still did it for you, for your family, and your community.”

For more information, click here to visit the website, or call 406-564-2802.

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